Project – Media

I’ve sort been procrastinating on this project. I’ve focused more on the drawing than updating this. In a few hours I will post my project.

As for what I chose was the scene in which the split fellowship passed through the Gates of Argonath.

I managed to get most of the outlining of both statues, with a lot of shading, and also the boats carrying Boromir, Aragorn, Frodo, and Sam. I will be continuing the project after it is graded. I have my own form of media, my art,  and the internet has changed the way I am able to deliver it.  I hope you all enjoy seeing my art updates, because without the help of the internet and blogging websites, my audience would be far more limited. Most importantly, it allows me to access my own art, in order to show people what kind of work I’ve done, regardless of where I am.

Here is the drawing:


Thank You!

Class Project

The end of the semester of my junior year is close, but still not quite here. However, I get to enjoy most of my homework in my Introduction to Mass Media for the remainder of the school year. Intro to Mass Media is an elective focused on teaching about the history and effect different types of media (books, music, newspapers, etc.) have had on society.

The purpose of the end-of-semester project was to explain the effect media has on you personally. At least two types of media must either be used, or featured in the project in some way. I have chosen these two mediums: books, and the internet. I am focusing on the way a good book can allow me to immerse myself into the storyline. Sensory details in books allow me to imagine many great scenes. The internet has changed a lot about the way I get my art out. Without access to blogging, social media, and forums, my audience would be far more limited. Using blogs, I am able to allow viewers to see my creative process for most of my larger projects.

So for my project, I will combine my experiences with both medias. I will find a particular scene from one of the Lord of the Rings books, and do my best to recreate that scene in a drawing. I will probably find a movie-still to draw. Over the remainder of this week and weekend, I will be sharing progress of my work.

Enjoy 🙂