All My Supplies

On this page, you can find all the supplies I use for drawing.

1. Paper

Paper seems like a simple thing. It’s not, or at least it isn’t when you really want good-looking artwork. Paper comes in colors, shades, styles, etc.


The “tooth” of the paper refers to its roughness. When the tooth of the paper is greater, it takes on and eats up more charcoal or graphite than a smoother paper. Probably the smoothest tooth achieved is what you get on a smooth poster board. There’s always a side to those that is impossible to write on with markers (other than Sharpie). One reason is because of the plastic-like film over the regular paper. White printer paper would be good for a smoother drawing. I’ve drawn on some mostly smooth paper. I didn’t notice until later when I was shading that the paper was presseda different way so when I smoothed over the grapphite, it looked like a chain-linked fence.


 Paper color can matter when you are trying to get the right mood in the art. Mainly theres the choice between white, black, or beige/sepia.

2. General’s or Faber-Castell Charcoal

There’s a bunch of different charcoal kind to choose from. some is smoother, some harder. Darker and lighter, too. Compressed charcoal is basically (actually it probably is) twigs that have been burnt to coals. It’s fragile and only for subtle shading. It doesn’t hold well to the paper for that reason.

Regular pencil charcoal is much like graphite

3. An eraser

For most erasing I use a kneaded eraser (usually gray and it looks like silly putty.)

4. A torchon (a rolled paper stump with a point. It’s a lot like a thick paper lollipop stick.)


Copyright 2012. These are all my words. Don’t plagiarize. Don’t copy without my permission.

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  1. I’ve had good experience with the Derwent graphite pencils, but as far as charcoal goes I don’t think anybody has got Faber-Castell beat. 😉


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