I am Mick Corless, and I am a traditional and digital artist currently residing in Kansas City. I recently graduated from Johnson County Community College and I am now attending Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach, California. Due to circumstances involving the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be attending online until Fall 2021.

My Works

My earlier works are mostly commissions. I spent my time in high school working mostly in graphite, charcoal, and ink, I realized that I wanted to introduce more personal creativity into my work as well as expand my knowledge and practice with different mediums. After a couple of uncertain years of college I attended Johnson County Community College where I have greatly expanded my academic and personal portfolios. I have gained practice through different courses in watercolor, acrylic, and oil, and I have gained a better understanding of life drawing and portraiture through figure drawing courses.


As far as medium goes, I don’t quite consider myself a graphite artist anymore, as the medium is a bit limiting, and it was a bit too comfortable for me. I have enjoyed painting with acrylics, but I will be glad to expand my knowledge of oils in the near future. Watercolor is another one that I have enjoyed lately. A relatively finished work done in watercolor can take fractions of the time that acrylics, oils, or especially graphite takes. Also, I have grown fond of using color in my works and watercolor can produce the kind of vibrancy that you might get from oils or pastels.


Having a full course load can be limiting for me when it comes to creating for fun. Often, when I make personal work, I do so on a much smaller scale. I tend to mess around with much more pattern-making, or creating interesting characters. Usually I do these smaller works in ink because it’s a quicker medium to use. I enjoy intense monochromatic schemes in my doodles, and my subject matter tends to be darker and than my larger works. Many of my small scale and large scale personal works attempt explore emotional and spiritual identity. I hope to explore more of these subjects within larger pieces. I also have enjoyed my explorations with figure drawing, and I would like to eventually continue commissioned portraiture, or bringing more scenes involving figures into upcoming personal projects.

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