Revamp 2019

It has been a long 5 years since my last post. I no longer attend the University of Kansas for architecture. I am no longer pursuing this, as of now I’m attending school for general credits and to take art courses that will expand my general knowledge of process, one thing I never laid groundwork with. I have lately learned a lot about watercolor, ceramics, and acrylic. I have learned techniques, colors, and form building. I’ve learned how to prepare myself for the process of painting. I never knew watercolor came in tubes. I just learned there was a thing called a wet palette for working with acrylic.

I think most of all my transition from an almost solely graphite portfolio has taught me that I’m not bound by one medium. Also, I don’t necessarily need to make each work with just one medium. A fear of mine for a couple years before recently was that I would let my artwork slip away from me as life became busier and more demanding. However, taking these courses has made me hopeful about securing a spot for creativity in my life.

My next step involves finding a place to structure that continued effort: where do I go from here? More college of course! As I have been so inspired by Anne Pearce and her positivity and direction during a very dark place in my life, I want to go for a Masters of Fine Arts in hopes of becoming a college professor to give back what I was given.

I will soon post updates of projects that I have worked on over the last 7 months!

I will also post pieces I made over the last five years.

You can keep more up to date by following my art instagram @artmkc.

Please give feedback on my art!

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