Summer Updates

Afican Boy


This drawing was based off of a photograph I took while in Mali, Africa. I used the drawing and photograph for my AP Studio Art class, so it is one of the pieces that helped me achieve a 5 for my AP Score.

Molly and Horse

In the summer of 2013 in Colorado my sister and I happened upon these horses in an island along the Yampa River. I also used this photo to complete my AP Studio Art portfolio.

Colorado Barn


Yet another Colorado drawing. The original picture I took features a very old barn that is starting to fall apart. It sits at the foothills of the mountains. This was also part of my AP portfolio.

Siraba School Girl

This is a drawing of a young girl at the Siraba School in Mali, Africa. The photograph was taken by Mrs. Abby Hayo during the trip we took this January, the same trip as mentioned earlier where I photographed the African boy.


Please give feedback on my art!

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