Barn Drawing Finally Complete!

This was my biggest project yet. It was an auction item in a fundraiser for the Joshua Center (the same place as the one I drew cartoons for last summer). Between this and the pig [link], I raised $1000. This has taken me since last October and it has been my longest and most difficult project. The trees took the most time, they had to precise. Although it seems like the paneling would have been harder, the paneling is simply filler and I just had to get it to look very close. This is my first drawing of any structure or building, and also the most background work I’ve done. I was pleased with the outcome. The barn was a family barn. They are planning on tearing it down due to its state of wear, and they wanted to present the drawing to their father. They said they liked it a lot. In fact, they’re going to salvage wood from the barn with which they will use to make the frame before tearing the barn down. (The photograph is underneath)



8 thoughts on “Barn Drawing Finally Complete!

  1. This is superb–exquisite—stunning! You are amazing at perceiving tones & translating them into a drawing. The grass & mounds of earth beneath are super-realistic–as are the trees. The whole thing has such a soft, yet solid & real, look. & what a wonderful thing to help preserve a special memory for a family!
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Wow, man, that turned out insanely good. Fantastic value range, and the detail on those trees is superb. Glad to hear you raised some good money! Congrats on a great piece!

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