Horse is Complete!

I visited Lawrence two weeks ago with my sister to deliver my drawing to Becky. She seemed to love it  and she showed it off to a few friends :). I think I did a great job on it, but again, I did something slightly off. This time the nose was a little skinnier than in the photo. Sometimes I wish I could save draft versions on my pencil art and start from save points on new copies. Then I could see what looks best or what I should go with. That’s called Adobe Illustrator, though and it’s just not quite the same. Ah, well I’ll make do.



8 thoughts on “Horse is Complete!

  1. This is so life-like! As I scrolled up through the nose, jaw & eye, I thought, “Why did he put a photograph on here? ” !!! Beautiful job. Please tell what paper & pencils you used.

    1. You’re too kind 🙂 I used pencils between 6H and 9B. for the nose, it was a a lighter type (maybe 4H then blending and going over with 2H). Dark spots were where I used the 9B. I should have made the nose pop out more, though.

      1. I haven’t been here for awhile, but yes, I do LOVE my picture of Smoke. If you could meet Smoke in person, you would be amazed at how well his personality is captured in this picture. Thank you SO MUCH!

        1. I’m glad you like it! Yes, I took the original picture, but it’d be nice to see Smoke again. Maybe some time when Molly gets out there soon.

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