Can’t Trust Anyone

So I recently added my dodge dart drawing to my DeviantArt Deviations and to the contest. Every once in a while, I’ve been checking around the entries to see who else has a good chance.

Today, I found my own drawing (the incomplete version) copied and re-submitted by another Deviant. In the description, it said, “This is my art work”. Can you believe it?? And then I read some comments and one said, “daym, same picture i’m copying i think :L but i’ve cropped it so it looks a bit different :)
really like the unfinished look :) pretty neat :)“. Really?? You’ve got to be kidding!

So I reported the picture and made sure it was clear that the work was mine and had been stolen. Not even borrowed. STOLEN. And you definitely DON’T steal it from the kid who put hours into actually drawing it.

But still, I don’t know how they thought it would be a good idea. When they choose the winners, the winners are required to send in the real art.

So now, I see how risky it is just putting up full-quality or un-watermarked art. I’ll probably have to go through my posts downsizing the pictures to prevent re-use. That kind of thing angers me.

Anyway, tomorrow, I’ll be adding a few doodles and some upcoming art news. I’ve been really busy lately with sophomore finals in only two weeks. Is it just me or are they piling homework on?? Anywhoo, thanks for reading, like me on facebook. Follow for new art.


9 thoughts on “Can’t Trust Anyone

  1. Sorry to hear that… it happens far too often. Much as K.A. stated above, you have to put your work out there to get exposure, but at the same time, you risk being ripped. A well-placed watermark is a great start at keeping things yours. There will always be those who feel that need to steal your work, but just hang in there, fight it, and work to continually create a unique look that people immediately recognize! Hang in there, and keep at it!

  2. Whoa! How awful! I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my art work was stolen! It is a very nice drawing by the way!

  3. Mick – your art is fantastic! Love the Dart – hate the story, but hope for a positive outcome. Do you win a car ?

    Obama needs better teeth though…

    1. 1st place – $2,000, an iPad 3, and a bunch of things from DeviantArt (backpack, hoodie, points)
      2nd place – $1,500 and a bunch of things from DeviantArt (backpack, hoodie, points)
      3rd place – $1,000 and a few things from the site.

      The entries are here if you want to browse them (the traditional and digital are mixed together):

      Also, just yesterday, I reported another piece of art that copied my work. I’ll post about it later.

  4. Sorry you were victimized like that. It is risky to put your artwork out there, but we artists are kind of caught between a rock & a hard place; if you want attention you’ve got to take the risk. Just do whatever you can to protect yourself .
    I like the drawing ; it IS kind of neat in an unfinished state! ( like it’s emerging from the paper.)

    1. Right. I don’t necessarily have to remove anything, just lower the quality. Also, ill probably start selling prints. Maybe. DeviantArt has a print-selling service.

  5. Wow, the audacity of some people! I’m sorry dude. That’s so shitty. Well I’m glad you reported it. It’s horrible that a 15 year old kid would have to watch his every move with posting photos. Looking forward to doodles! (:

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