Work in Progress – A Dog Named Peaches

This is a dog I am drawing for a member of the DeviantArt community. Her dog’s name is Peaches. I started this on Friday and I’ll keep updated.

4 thoughts on “Work in Progress – A Dog Named Peaches

  1. Looks like you work the way I do sometimes — in patches. I never did get into the academic or whatever way you call it of doing things in stages, starting with simple shapes and developing the complexities. I wanted it done right the first time, right away and really hard-edged. At your age, though, the patches thing didn’t work as well for me and my proportions suffered some. You do alright though, man. you’re as good as I am and I have ten years on you. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to practice others ways as I have…I’ve really had to loosen up. And you’re always learning… painting has taught me a lot too.

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