Project – Dog Drawing Progress 2

So as an attempt at a timelapse video, I’ve been periodically taking pictures of my progress. I’ll upload the gallery and the video/slideshow when I’m done. I might even do a step-by-step of techniques and stuff. Not really that fancy, but once I get a camera that can handle time-lapse, I’ll really have something to show for. So again, find the picture I’m drawing off of here. I take that back. The actual picture is much smoother than my drawing but then I would have to draw bigger for better looking art

4 thoughts on “Project – Dog Drawing Progress 2

    1. Thank you. Still got more to do. I’m trying my best to achieve the out-of focus look on the nose and torso and that will appear more farther along.

      1. I’ll be looking forward to more progress reports and how you achieve the out of focus look. I’m doing a Golden Retriever puppy head and I’m trying to do the same thing with its nose and lower body.

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