Tiger Drawing (Finished)

I finished this thing quite a while back but I never got a chance to upload it.

And a link to the unfinished here.

10 thoughts on “Tiger Drawing (Finished)

  1. Awh! My most favorite animal! This is so wonderful. You said you were just practicing drawing right now… I think you are already fantastic. Keep it up, I’m in love!

    1. Haha yes I still am practicing. If youve seen the improvement between his tiger and the cat, you can see, I hardly tried detailing fur here. As opposed the the black lab and cat drawings. But thank you!

  2. Reblogged this on My Life Uncut…Almost and commented:
    I follow several art and photography blogs, among many types I love to follow. I love this artist! I bought some art supplies once to try to learn to draw. Kind of gave up before long. It’s not my gift. But here is a gifted artist. Check it out!

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