So I’ve meant to draw in white charcoal. Finally got around to it. This is a drawing of a dove. i wanted to see how easy white charcoal is. Actually I would think it would be easier because on black paper, you can just use black charcoal to “erase”. if you draw something in white, it’s much easier to cover with black. On white paper, erasing just doesn’t  always do what you want.


13 thoughts on “Dove

  1. Sweeeet…
    Thanks for “liking” a post on my blog. I’m down in the Wichita area of Kansas. Like your work

  2. I like this drawing a lot. I just did a pastel ( with carb-othello pencils, which are colored charcoal) , on black paper & had the same problem with fixative; only most of my light tones just disappeared!

    1. The last thing I’d I’d want to try is a gloss fixer. What you see is the dove just before I put the fixer on so it’s much brighter than what I have now. And about pastel, now would they be a good material for beginning with colors?

      1. Pastel pencils might be a good choice for you since you’ve already used charcoal. ( They have a similar “feel” —especially the Carb-Othello.) Most people layer pastels on pretty thickly , but I’ve used them more like charcoal where you do a lot of blending with a stump, ending up with light coats of color on the paper. ( Of course you can go a little thicker to get it brighter or darker.) The paper has a lot to do with how it comes out. Experimenting on different colors & textures is always helpful. On white or light-colored paper, the fixative doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue; doesn’t change the colors that much.

        Good luck, & let me know how it goes if you decide to try pastels!

        1. Thanks for the help. Of course it’s color so I can’t just press sown harder for darker or vice versa. As soon as I can do some pastel work, I’ll post it.

  3. I did this in about 2 ½ hours. I made the mistake of “fixing” it (spraying art for preservation). When I sprayed it, it just darkened the charcoal.

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