Drawing for Piercyn and Family

This is my second drawing of people.

4 thoughts on “Drawing for Piercyn and Family

  1. For your second one, this is good. Your fundamentals are strong. This looks like the individual faces were relatively small (I mean come on, you took on five people!) so I can understand a little bit of roughness. I just started portraits about five years ago — the thought bothered me slightly because I knew how intimidating facial features were. After all, what more highly evolved creation is there for subject matter? So I knew I’d have to tackle it. Boy did I ever… my third portrait was a watercolor of a supermodel, and I treated it like oil haha… But you’ll get so much better for obsessing over facial features, I promise. More than from anything else 😉

  2. My favorite one was the one I did for my biology teacher (in the older entries). Also, I wish now that I had done it in white charcoal on black paper

  3. I really like your use of the dark background, and their features are delicately done. An all together interesting piece± 😀 Well Done!

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